The water pressure test of Dongzhi Garbage Power Generation Project was successful once!

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At 17:30 pm on October 17, 2023, under the joint witness of Liu Baoguo, President of the Special Inspection Institute, Liu Weizhi, Director of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Li Xiaohe, General Manager of the owner, and Director Zhang Jialiang, the water pressure test of the Dongzhi Garbage Power Generation Project was successful once.

The tight schedule and heavy tasks are repeated daily from the beginning of the project. The Dongzhi project started construction at the end of May and was connected to the grid for power generation in December, with a construction period of only 7 months. At the same time, due to factors such as delays in materials and equipment provided by Party A and delays in the construction period by the civil engineering party, on-site construction was facing the dilemma of being shut down. However, the progress of our Henan installers will not be hindered by this difficulty. We will dismantle the shelves that are not dismantled by the civil engineering unit, and the goods that cannot be urged by the owner unit, We will send someone to coordinate at the processing plant ourselves. It is precisely with this spirit of fearlessness and perseverance, as well as the action of working overtime to catch up with the progress, that the owners have gained a deeper understanding of our Henan installers and won better praise.

The water pressure test of the Dongzhi garbage power generation project was a complete success, marking the completion of the boiler installation node and laying a solid foundation for the next node. But we cannot take it lightly anymore. We need to fully recognize the urgency of the construction period, especially for the pipeline industry, where the pressure is quite high. In the coming time, all members of the project must not be afraid of difficulties and challenges to fight hard to achieve the overall goal of grid connected power generation, and let the installation spirit of Henan once again burst into new vitality.

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