In recent years, under the guidance of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the internationalization process of the group company has developed rapidly. The business development projects are located in West Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. Currently, the Central Asia and North Africa business departments have been established in Kazakhstan and Algeria, and a branch office has been set up in Malaysia to offer organizational guarantee for the company to implement the “going out” development strategy. The projects under construction include Malaysia HUME second-line cement project, Malaysia waste heat power generation project, Malaysian Xinyi Glass, Algeria Glass Project, Xinyi Malaysia Phase III 1000T/D Photovoltaic Glass Production Line Project, China Glass Nigeria 500t/d Float and Coated Glass Production Line Project, Guinea N’Dangara Mining Infrastructure Expansion Project, etc. Henan Installation Group (East Malaysia) Co., Ltd. was established to further improve the overseas business structure of “One Body and Two Wings” and make progress in overseas operations.