The first batch of goods for the Xinyi Malaysia Phase V domestic fabrication project were successfully shipped

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At 6:15 pm on October 19th, with the last pallet truck smoothly exiting the gate of the production factory, the first batch of shipments for the 4-day Xinyi Malaysia Phase V domestic production project successfully came to an end, and the fully loaded cargo ship was about to sail to the domestic port for overseas shipment.

Since September, the fifth domestic production project in Xinyi Malaysia has officially started, and the first batch of goods has been successfully shipped. The entire project team has made great efforts. Faced with the predetermined shipment and delivery time of Party A, the project emphasized the construction quality and progress of each profession from the beginning, ensuring one-time optimization and avoiding rework and delay in the construction period. During the construction period, the project encountered extreme weather conditions such as high temperature and continuous rainfall, which caused great difficulties for outdoor processing and production. To ensure delivery within the agreed deadline, the entire project team overcame unfavorable factors such as narrow site and harsh construction environment, arranged the construction site and tasks properly, and ultimately successfully completed the production. In addition to production, packaging of goods is also an important aspect of shipping. The goods need to be transported by sea for a long period of time, and during the process, they must undergo multiple lifting, transportation, and stacking. The quality of packaging work must not be relaxed, not only to ensure that the packaging steel frame is tight, but also to ensure that the corresponding marking marks are in place. The on-site construction workers and workers worked together to successfully complete the task of packaging and pasting more than 300 packages of goods.

The loading at the dock has ended smoothly, and two cargo ships are about to set sail. However, the project dare not slack off at all, and the battle is far from over. The second batch of items to be shipped for the Malay Phase V production project is under intense production, and the project will continue to focus on quality, progress, and ensure the normal delivery of the next batch while ensuring safety.

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