Industry Scope

The company has business covering the installation, commissioning and infrastructure construction of complete sets of equipment in the fields of building materials, chemicals, petroleum, electric power, smelting, machinery, electronics, municipal, environmental protection, housing construction, real estate, metal structures, etc. and has made an indelible contribution to the development of these industries.



The company has cooperated with dozens of domestic and foreign cement giants such as Conch Group, Tianrui Group, French Lafarge Group, Sweden Holcim Group, India Binani Group, etc., and completed with the high quality the installation of a complete set of equipment of dozens of 5000 t/d cement production line in places like Yiyang in Jiangxi, Sancha in Zunyi, and Rizhao in Shandong, and has achieved technological accumulation and unprecedented leap in the installation of cement production equipment.

A number of construction methods such as “installation of dry process cement production line stacker and reclaimer” and “rotary kiln transmission installation” were rated as “Henan Provincial-level Construction Method”; eight projects including Zhumadian Tongli Cement won the “Building Material High Quality Project Award”. Jiaozuo Qianye Cement Project won the “National High Quality Project Silver Award”.

The company has also developed the techniques for installation of a complete set of equipment for cement waste heat power generation. It has cooperated with dozens of owners or general contractors such as CITIC Heavy Industries and Sinoma Energy Conservation Co., and has rapidly expanded into one of the most important contractors for the installation of waste heat power generation equipment in the domestic cement industry. And it also organized and compiled the "Code for Construction and Quality Acceptance of Waste Heat Power Generation in Cement Plants".


In the field of large chemical industry, the company has undertaken projects like Henan Fengshen Tire, Yima Kaixiang Chemical, Anyang Jiuyang Chemical, Yuhua Yuhang “Double 20”, Jiantao (Hebei) Chemical, Shandong Lianmeng Chemical, Jinkai Chemical Million Ton Total Ammonia, Xinlianxin Fertilizer Series projects. Among them, Pingdingshan Tire Cord Fabric Factory won the National Silver Award, Henan Xinlianxin Raw Material Structure Adjustment Project won the National Chemical Industry Quality Project Award; written in the national chemical fertilizer production line installation history are the installation of the 83-meter-high and 720-ton washing tower, and 322-ton synthetic tower, which was reported by many media such as China Chemical Industry News and Henan TV Station.


The company took the lead in realizing the transformation from the installation of pulverized coal boilers to the installation of environmentally-friendly circulating fluidized bed boilers, including the first FG200t/9.8-13 boiler introduced in China and the first self-developed circulating fluidized bed boiler in China, and summarized a set of mature and unique construction method for installation of the circulating fluidized bed boilers. We have successively built nearly 200 power plants including Jinan Beijiao Thermal Power Plant and Jiaozuo Fengying Thermal Power Plant, with a cumulative installed capacity of 3,500 MW. 

While developing the installation of cement, glass and metallurgical waste heat power stations, the company has closely followed the market, actively adjusted its structure, and has undergone transformation and leapfrogging. It has successfully and smoothly expanded into the emerging electric power plant installation markets such as biomass power generation, photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation, garbage power generation and gas power generation.

"220t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler installation technology", "Waste heat power generation equipment installation technology" won the "China Installation Star" award; the construction technology of circulating fluidized bed boiler won the second prize of the scientific and technological achievements of the sixth session of China Installation Association; "Installation and construction technology of cement waste heat power generation equipment" won the third prize of the 9th scientific and technological achievements conference of china installation association; Jiaozuo Coal Industry Group Fengying Power Plant 2×50MW Unit Installation Project and Henan Gasification Phase II Boiler Installation Project won the Coal Industry High Quality Project Award.


Eight out of every ten domestic glass production lines were installed and built by the company. We have long-term cooperation with Shennan Glass, Fuyao Glass, Xinyi Glass, Farun Glass, Shanghai Yaobo, China Building Materials Kibing Glass, Avic Special Glass and other glass giants, which has made Henan Province Installation the most competitive brand in the glass industry. The company has built China's first high-quality float glass production line, China’s first ultra-white calendered photovoltaic glass, China’s first ultra-thin electronic glass, China’s first all-oxygen combustion melting furnace glass, and the world's largest tonnage 1200t/d floating glass production line. The company has written specifications and teaching materials such as "Construction and Acceptance Specifications for Installation of Building Materials Industry Equipment", "Furnace Building Techniques" and "Furnace Builder".

"Glass Melting Masonry Masonry" won the title of "China Installation Star", "Float Glass Production Line Tin Groove Masonry Construction Method", "Float Glass Production Line Furnace Large Arch Masonry Construction Method", "Float Glass Production Line" The construction method of tin channel steel structure won the provincial construction method of Henan Province. These honors all indicate that Henan is “unique”installed in the domestic glass market. The construction of foreign glass projects in Algeria, Russia, Ethiopia, Iran and other countries has also shown that “Henan Installation”has been on the stage of the international glass industry.


China is the second largest producer of fiberglass products in the world. Henan has always been the leader in the construction of China's glass fiber industry. The glass fiber production lines built by us account for 80% of the total glass fiber production lines in China.

Installation of the domestically-designed Taian 10,000-ton glass fiber production line has filled a gap in China's building materials industry. The fiberglass tank furnace wire drawing production line installation technique won the title of “Installation Star”in the national building materials industry; Hebei Jinniu Energy Glass Fiber wire drawing production line won the “Sun Cup”and “High Quality Project”awards in the coal industry; the Shandong glass fiber phase II 30,000 t/y production line won the “China Installation High Quality” Award; the Zoucheng Fiberglass Phase III won the “National Building Materials Industry High Quality Project”Award; Linzhou Guangyuan installation project was named as the national electronic grade glass fiber model project.


We have completed projects such as Henan Zhongmei Aluminum, Luoyang Monocrystalline Silicon Project, Yichuan Electrolytic Aluminum, Luanchuan Molybdenum Industry, Zhengzhou Coal Group Pinglu Alumina Project, Sanmenxia Kaiman Aluminum Project, etc. Among them, Henan Zhongmei Aluminum 400,000-t/y alumina project won the ministerial-level high quality project award.



Since the reform and opening up, the footprints of Henan Installation has reached Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Benin and Tanzania, and many other countries and regions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Nowadays, Henan installation has developed from the initial product processing and export and labor subcontracting to the general contractor for the construction of the entire production line; the contract scale jumped from the initial few hundred thousand yuan to more than 100 million yuan per single contract, achieving a quantitative and qualitative leap. The company not only has the right to operate import and export on its own, but also has a group of international trade professionals who are proficient in all aspects of foreign projects, providing a favorable guarantee for further enlargement and strengthening of overseas markets.


We constructed many municipal works for supply of urban heat, water and gas, and roads, including Zhengzhou Rail Transit Ventilation, water, electricity, and fire prevention systems installation, Jinan Tangye Heat Source Plant, Zhengzhou Southern Surbub Heat Source Plant, Zhengzhou Airport Waterworks, Luoyang Gas Project, Luoyang Urban Heat Supply Project, Luoyang New District Yiyin Avenue and Shilin Avenue works. Zhengzhou Matougang Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Luoyang Chandong Wastewater Treatment Plant were awarded the National Quality Project Silver Award; Pingdingshan Wastewater Treatment Plant Project won the Provincial High Quality Project Award “Zhongzhou Cup”. Zhengzhou Liuwan Water Plant Installation Project won the title of “Safe and Civilized Construction Site”at the provincial level.


Large industrial plants for Luoyang Bearing Research Technology, CITIC Heavy Industry, LYC Bearing Wind Power, Sinosteel Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research, Tongcheng Kaidi Biomass Power Plant, High-rise residence buildings like Yawei New Times Building and Fengxin Community, and real estate development projects such as Henan Installation Tower, Antai Huating, Jinxiu Yincheng, and Hongchang Yipin, demonstrate the strength of Henan Installation in the real estate sector. Many high-quality project award medals reflect the impressive performance of Henan installation. Zhengzhou Lvyun Community Project won the national “Luban Award”. Luoyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau Training Building Project and Henan Installation Group Zhengzhou Comprehensive Building won the provincial-level High Quality project Award“Zhongzhou Cup”.


Along with the expansion of Henan installation, the Center Laboratory has gradually upgraded from electrical commissioning and thermal instrumentation commissioning to the commissioning of 220kV ultra-high voltage large-scale power transmission and transformation project, large-scale DCS distributed control system, and 350MW supercritical thermal power generation project, 10,000 t/d cement waste heat power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation project, waste incineration power generation and so on.


The manufacture of various types of pressure vessels in the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and brewing industries has enhanced the brand of Henan Installation in metal manufacturing.

It has undertaken the large-scale tunnel formwork project of the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Reservoir Dam project, ranking first in Asia and second in the world at the time, and completed a number of export products such as the Kyrgyzstan Mining Tunnel Arch, the Tanzania Steel Bridge, and the Russian large glass melting furnace steel structure; A-A2 type attached lifting scaffold obtained the national invention patent and the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


We begin marching into new energy industry, including the development, utilization, investment and operation of new energies such as geothermal energy, solar energy, air energy and waste energy. The central district heating project in Ruyang County adopts the PPP operation mode, which is the second batch of PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance, with 25 years of franchise rights.