Monumental achievements have been made in municipal works, e.g. Zhengzhou Rail Transit – Installation of Ventilation, water, electricity and fire-fighting systems, Jinan Tangye Heat Source Plant, Zhengzhou Southern Suburb Heat Source Plant, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Waterworks, Luoyang Gas works, Luoyang Urban Heating Project, Luoyang New District Yiyin Avenue and Shilin Avenue construction. Zhengzhou Matougang Sewage Treatment Plant and Luoyang Chandong Sewage Treatment Plant were awarded the National High-quality Project Silver Award; Pingdingshan Sewage Treatment Plant Project won the Provincial High-quality Project Award “Zhongzhou” Cup. Zhengzhou Liuwan Waterworks Project won the Henan Provincial High-quality Project Award, and the Sima Avenue Project of Luoyang New District won the Henan Provincial-level Excellent Municipal Project Award and Henan Provincial-level Municipal Gold Cup Award. The "Construction Method for Urban Heating by Bulk Gas Hot Water Boiler" won the provincial-level construction method acknowledgement and China Installation Association Science and Technology Progress Award.