The A line of the Xinyi Heshan project was successfully ignited

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On the happy day when people celebrate the Spring Festival in the the Year of the Loong, the Xinyi Heshan Project also ushered in the first good news of the new year. Line A was successfully ignited at 10:10 a.m. on February 19, 2024. Zheng Changyi, General Manager of Xinyi Energy saving Glass, Dou Qinghe, Assistant General Manager, Wu Zhenqun, Manager of the Glass and Fiberglass Engineering Division, and Project Manager Zhang Hongguang attended the ignition ceremony together.

The timely ignition of the Heshan A line was not easy, and the originally planned construction plan was completely disrupted by a sudden heavy snowfall before the new year. As the Spring Festival approaches, the project department will make every effort to organize its staff and make every effort to expedite work before the holiday; Deputy project manager Cai Jiayu personally led the electrician team to carry out wiring operations on the top of the tin bath cover. After the unremitting efforts of the project department, the tin bath silicon carbon rod luminescence test was finally completed on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, laying a solid foundation for the project to ignite as scheduled.

In the following work, the Heshan Project Department will continue to promote the excellent style of fearlessness and courage to work hard, and complete all construction tasks with excellent engineering quality and good service attitude.

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