The first crane of Hubei Jingshan Garbage Power Generation Project has been successfully completed

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Recently, the first crane of the boiler steel frame for the Hubei Jingshan household waste incineration power generation project, undertaken by the First Engineering Company, was successfully installed, and relevant personnel from the construction unit and supervision unit witnessed it together. In the gentle breeze and drizzle, the smooth placement of the first pillar marks the official start of the Jingshan household waste incineration power generation project.

Since the establishment of the project, under the leadership of the group company and the first engineering company, the Hubei Jingshan project has made every effort to do a good job in all aspects, step by step, and strive to provide various high-quality services to the owners, striving to shape the company's good image of being able to win battles and skilled in fighting tough battles. In the face of harsh on-site conditions and limited space, the project leader Gui Wenjie made meticulous arrangements based on actual conditions and actively communicated with the owner to arrange the shipment order reasonably. On the premise of ensuring "life first and safety first", all personnel of the project department braved the cold and overcame various difficulties and obstacles. Finally, we achieved victory and successfully fired the first shot of the project.

Looking ahead, difficulties and victories coexist, challenges and opportunities coexist. The Hubei Jingshan Project Department will hold its ground, bravely climb the peak, and successfully complete the construction task. Through the efforts of the group, we will jointly create the brilliance of the group.


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