Down to earth and working together - Chairman Lai Songgu of Dongsheng Group Visited Taisheng Project for Inspection

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On January 21, 2024, Lai Songgu, Chairman of Dongsheng Group, and Tang Jinhong, Director of Taisheng Quarry, visited the Taisheng project site for inspection. Deng Yingqun, Deputy General Manager of the Power Engineering Division, Li Jiwen, Project Manager of Taisheng, and relevant personnel accompanied the entire process.

Lai Songgu and his team conducted in-depth research on the commencement of construction after the handover of the project site, the progress of various system construction on site, physical quality, and safe and civilized construction. They also communicated and made requirements with project management personnel on quality control, safety protection, progress control, financial support, and acceptance preparation to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Project Manager Li Jiwen stated to the leaders of Dongsheng Group that he will strictly implement the inspection requirements, conscientiously implement all project work, and ensure that a satisfactory answer sheet is submitted to the leaders who care about and support project construction.

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