The first hoisting of steel-concrete beams for the Yanhuang Expressway project has been successfully completed

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Recently, the first hoisting of the YHSG-2 standard steel-concrete beam for the Yellow River Expressway, manufactured and installed by a metal structure company, was successfully completed, marking the beginning of the installation of the beam section and marking the official entry of the project into the challenging stage.

The Yellow River Expressway Project is one of the "Double Thousand Project" and "13445 Project" initiated and implemented by Henan Province. The main task undertaken by our company is the production and installation of the 20th steel-concrete composite beam for the YHSG-2 section of the Qinhe Extra Large Bridge from Wuzhi to Jiyuan. The bridge is divided into two sections, with a total length of about 4600 meters and a width of about 34 meters. The main bridge adopts a continuous steel-concrete composite beam of 5x80m. The total weight of the steel structure in this section is 6400 tons, of which the maximum weight of a single section is 90 tons. All sections are manufactured in a factory and transported to the site for hoisting.

After the completion of this project, it will improve the provincial-level transportation channel on the north bank of the Yellow River, which is of great significance for promoting the interconnection and economic development of surrounding cities and promoting the construction of a strong transportation province in Henan Province. Next, all personnel of the project department will closely focus on the goal, bravely shoulder the mission, strictly control the quality of the project, strengthen safe and civilized construction, overcome difficulties, and work hard to contribute the installation force of Henan to the early opening of the project!

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