The bottom plate pouring of the impregnating agent workshop in Inner Mongolia Haotian Fiberglass Project has been completed

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On November 19, 2023, after non-stop pouring day and night, the bottom plate pouring of the impregnating agent workshop for the Inner Mongolia Haotian High Performance Fiberglass Production Base Project with an annual output of 600000 tons, constructed by the Sixth Engineering Company, was completed two days ahead of the original schedule of the project department.

Since the beginning of November, the project team has officially entered the construction site. Faced with the difficulties caused by the severe cold weather in Inner Mongolia, the project team has not been afraid of difficulties and actively responded. From the beginning, they have formulated a thorough construction plan and measures to cope with low temperatures, arranged the construction period reasonably, and always paid attention to weather changes. All personnel are not afraid of the cold and face difficulties, working hard from the smallest aspects to ensure the quality of the project. At the same time, the project department actively communicates with the owner, timely reports and enters the site for bulk materials, and closely cooperates with the owner unit to ensure that the final milestone is completed on schedule.

In the face of subsequent milestones, all employees of the project department are bound to carry forward the excellent tradition of hard work of the group company, strictly control the construction quality, ensure on-site construction safety, and ensure that the project is completed according to the predetermined milestones of Party A, establishing the Henan installation brand in the Inner Mongolia market.

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