The Shaoxing Qibin project float line and electronic line were successfully ignited

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Recently, the Glass and Fiberglass Engineering Division held an ignition ceremony for the float line and electronic line of the Shaoxing Qibin Glass Project. Several leaders, including Yang Lijun, Vice President of Qibin Group, and Wei Zhibin, General Manager of Glass Department 2, attended the ignition ceremony. At 10:18, as the ignition button on the podium was pressed, firecrackers and applause erupted on site, marking a milestone victory for the Shaoxing Banner Glass Project.

Since its establishment in April 2023, the Shaoxing Qibin Glass Project has overcome numerous difficulties during the construction process, such as muddy conditions on site, humid and hot weather in the south, prolonged rainy season, and the ravages of typhoons. With the support of the group company and business unit, the project department has made reasonable arrangements and carefully organized, successfully completing the construction tasks, providing valuable experience for the construction of the second electronic line. The project department will unify their thinking, continuously summarize and improve in the subsequent construction process, and better complete the construction tasks of the electronic second line.

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