Jiaozuo Hexing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 15000 tons of carbon black Phase II 812 maintenance and renovation project has been successfully completed

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Recently, the 812 maintenance and renovation project of Jiaozuo Hexing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with an annual production capacity of 15000 tons of carbon black, undertaken by the Chemical Engineering Division of the group company, has been successfully completed. Successful one-time test drive.

The 812 renovation project belongs to the old factory renovation project, with a contract period of 16 days. It involves scattered work surfaces such as meeting, renovating, and replacing equipment pipelines in dozens of device areas, with a tight schedule and heavy tasks. The owner requests that starting from October 18th, the original 812 equipment, pipelines, electrical instruments be dismantled and replaced with new equipment, and that the conditions for restarting be met within 15 days. The difficulty is self-evident, and the pressure is also evident. In order to win the battle of intermediate maintenance, the Jiaozuo and Xing project departments faced difficulties and, under the leadership of the business unit leaders, worked together to complete the maintenance task 5 days in advance, ensuring that a trial production of materials was completed as scheduled. They presented a satisfactory answer sheet to the owner and won their praise and trust.

To ensure the successful completion of the task, the project department conducts detailed planning and organization, breaking down the construction tasks during the maintenance period to each small team and communicating them to each construction personnel. If the equipment does not arrive, go to the equipment manufacturer to measure the size of the equipment on site to ensure that there is no mistake, so as to prefabricate the pipeline in advance and save time for maintenance. Strictly and meticulously grasp key equipment, strictly control the quality of maintenance in each link, and truly achieve stable shutdown, good repair, and smooth operation of the device.

Maintenance is a special period with extremely high safety risks. During the maintenance and construction period, the project department highlights the theme of safety maintenance in various sections of the construction through safety inspections, written reminders, verbal instructions, and other methods, enhancing feasibility, motivation, and guidance. This enables employees to enhance their awareness of safety, participate in safety, and take proactive safety measures during maintenance, and fulfill their responsibilities for safe construction.

This project is our first cooperation with Jiaozuo and Xinghua Chemical. The owner, Mr. Jia, gave high praise: Henan Installation is a team that can fight hard, has solid technology, works diligently, and is honest and pragmatic. Deepening the deep cooperation with Hexing Chemical has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent operation in Jiaozuo Chemical Park.

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