Dezhou Jinghua 800t/d special glass production line project was successfully ignited

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On April 21, 2023, at 10:16 am, under the joint witness of Kaisheng Jinghua Chairman Tian Wenshun and other leaders, the successful ignition of the Texas Jinghua 800t/d special glass production line project marked a major victory in the construction of the Texas Jinghua Glass Phase II 800t/d project!
The project construction has repeatedly pressed the pause button, and the hardware market was completely closed in October last year due to the epidemic, making it difficult to purchase auxiliary materials for the project; The community has repeatedly demanded that all members remain silent and stop construction; The morale of the frontline team fluctuates. On the one hand, the project leader actively communicated and coordinated with Party A, and on the other hand, calmed the emotions of the frontline team. They made reasonable adjustments to the project construction plan, so that the project progress did not lag behind, and finally ignited as expected by the owner.
Victory did not come easily, and all personnel of the Texas Jinghua project will continue to work together, actively strive, and under the leadership and support of the group company, achieve satisfactory service, contribute to the prosperity and development of the company, and strive to build high-quality projects.

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