Salute to May Day · Star Shining in Yu'an

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Municipal Engineering Division Luoyang Municipal Project Department

Henan Worker Pioneer

The project department has successively completed key projects in Luoyang, including the Kaiyuan West Road project, Binhe North Road project, Torch Avenue project, and Binhe South Road project. In April 2020, it was awarded the Luoyang Worker Pioneer and was recognized as a prominent contributor to the municipal public sector's "flood relief and disaster reconstruction". Focusing on technological innovation, the construction of the Kaiyuan West Road project has won the Henan Municipal Engineering Gold Cup Award. The QC team of Torch Avenue won the "2022 Henan Municipal Public Industry Association Construction Excellent Quality Management Group Third Prize" and "Luoyang Municipal Engineering Safety and Civilized Construction Site". Two utility model patent applications have been authorized, and one invention patent has undergone preliminary examination. The construction method of static pressure crushed stone pile on weak foundation is currently being applied for at the provincial level.

Fu Yongfeng, Glass Fiber Engineering Division

Luoyang May Day Labor Medal

Brave to explore and achieve remarkable results. As the leader of the glass fiber business unit, in the past three years, we have been practicing high-quality and high-speed development, and in 2022, our output value and business have both exceeded 1 billion. The repeated outbreak of the epidemic did not stop them from expanding into the international market. They undertook overseas projects such as Kazakhstan's first glass production line, Malaysia's Jinjing photovoltaic glass production line Phase I and Phase II projects, and Saudi Arabia's Gadian float line cold repair and renovation project.

Emphasize skill training. Through unremitting targeted training of over 4500 construction team resources, mentors and mentors, as well as measures such as replacing training with competitions and promoting training through competitions, the overall quality of skills has been improved. Assisted Li Jianghua in winning the 10th prize in the provincial skills competition and hosted the company's "Furnace Building Skills Competition" to create an atmosphere of learning and comparing skills.

Li Binglin, Second Engineering Company

Top Ten "Teachers Leading Apprentices" Model in the Construction System of Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy, and Transportation in Henan Province in 2022

He personally led his disciples deep into the frontline construction site, learning professional knowledge and construction standards in practical work. Establishing a technical research team and achieving good results: obtaining one national level utility model patent; 1 provincial-level technological innovation achievement award in three categories; 1 enterprise level construction method; Five achievements in enterprise level four new technologies. The Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital project is actively applying for the "Luban Award" and "Installation Star".

Li Jiangtao, Glass Fiber Engineering Business Unit

The first "Henan Province Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy and Transportation Construction System Master Craftsman" shortlisted award

I have participated in the construction of nearly 20 glass fiber furnaces. In 2020, he participated in the Henan Housing and Urban Rural Construction System Vocational Skills Competition and won the first place in the Luoyang District Masonry Selection Competition and the second place in the Henan District. He was awarded the Henan Province Construction Labor Medal. Participated in the preparation of the construction method for the L hanging wall brick structure and furnace arch of the glass furnace. He is a key personnel in the furnace building technology process at Liao Hongying Studio, which was awarded the 2021 Luoyang Demonstration Studio.

Municipal Engineering Division Binhe South Road Project Department

Excellent Team of Henan Province Agriculture, Forestry, Water Conservancy and Transportation Construction System

The lifting and renovation project of Binhe South Road is now in full swing. To ensure the completion of the new canal construction before the arrival of the main flood season in Luoyang, the project manager takes turns on duty 24 hours a day, and the electrician is responsible for on-site accommodation to ensure uninterrupted water delivery by the water pump and the normal operation of the new district's water system. The project employees unite and overcome difficulties such as tight schedule, multiple work areas, and high difficulty in construction organization. They organize the company's advantageous forces and more than 20 types of machinery to carry out construction day and night, with people and machines taking turns to ensure the early opening of the Binhe South Road project, a key project in the city!

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