The group company received a "commendation letter" from the Municipal Urban Management Bureau

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Recently, the group company received a commendation letter from the city administration bureau of our city, in which we highly praised the excellent urban construction style of our Kaiyuan Avenue Yibin Section Reconstruction Project Department of "the final say, decide to do something, and do it right away", and fully praised the Municipal Engineering Business Department and Yao Lifeng, Yao Hongkai, Zhu Pengfei and other comrades for their dedication, overcoming difficulties and outstanding performance.
The renovation project of the Yibin section of Kaiyuan Avenue, a key project in the city, has a total length of 6.8 kilometers and a red line width of 70 meters. The main construction contents include the removal of isolation barriers, the removal of motor vehicle lanes, the addition of central green belts, seedling planting, the creation of landscape clusters, and the marking and monitoring of traffic engineering signs and markings.
Since the start of the project, with the strong support of the group company, the project department has been focusing on process control, strictly controlling quality and progress, and conscientiously fulfilling the responsibilities of safe and civilized construction. In the case of tight schedule and heavy tasks, the project department arranges the work process reasonably, implements personnel, machinery and equipment, reverses the construction period, and overcomes difficulties. During the day, mechanical thunder resounds, and at night, lights are lit and night battles are fought. All participating employees are not afraid of severe cooling and continuous rain. They work in shifts day and night on the "5+2" project, and after more than 40 days of continuous struggle, they quickly complete the task with high standards, adding a beautiful scenery to the 2023 Luoyang Peony Culture Festival and adding a vibrant force to the Yibin of Luoyang Peony Culture Festival.
The commendation letter not only fully affirms the quality, progress, and civilized construction of the Municipal Engineering Division of Henan Installation Group, but also praises the spirit of hard work, hard work, and sincere unity of all Henan installers. 

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