Everyone should ensure safety and be prepared to ensure safety -- The group company organizes fire safety drills

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In order to further enhance the understanding of fire safety knowledge among employees of the group company, enhance their awareness of fire safety, popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve their ability to self prevent and rescue fires, the group company successfully held a fire safety training drill in the conference room on the 20th floor of the installation building on the afternoon of April 13th. Instructor Ma Jun from the Luoyang Fire Education Center was invited to give a lecture and more than 70 people from various departments of the group participated in the training.
Before the training began, Li Xu, the General Manager of the Quality and Safety Management Department of the group company, analyzed the accidents and safety hazards caused by fire and construction safety, emphasized the importance of fire prevention knowledge and construction safety, and emphasized the need to properly investigate fire prevention and safety hazards, attach importance to fire prevention and safety issues, and strive to ensure that fire prevention, safety, and production work are flawless.
At the training meeting, the instructor Ma listed various fire cases and made a detailed analysis of the causes of the accident, so that everyone could understand the basic methods to prevent fire, the signs and main characteristics of fire, master how to deal with sudden fires, and taught the correct use of fire extinguishers, gas mask and other protective equipment. Through easy to understand fire safety education, employees have gained a new understanding of fire safety, realized the importance of fire prevention, and mastered certain fire prevention knowledge and escape skills.
Subsequently, everyone went to the east side of the first floor square for a fire drill. Under the guidance of Instructor Ma, the participating employees experienced the situation during the fire and learned how to escape correctly.
This fire safety training drill further enhanced employees' fire safety awareness, improved their fire disaster relief and self rescue capabilities, and laid a solid foundation for the fire safety management work of the group company. We hope that employees should pay attention to various safety hazards in their daily lives and work, implement safety regulations and systems, strengthen safety prevention measures, and ensure that everyone is fully aware of them.

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