Anhui Fengyang South glass project four kiln crown successfully closed

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At 11:08 a.m. on February 20, 2023, the four kiln arches of Anhui Fengyang South Glass Project were successfully closed. Kang Zhenghui, General Manager of Party A, Wei Zhibin, Deputy General Manager of Glass Fiber Business Department, and other leaders attended the ceremony. When the last lock brick was knocked down, the scene was filled with applause and cheers. The smooth closure of the furnace arch of the project represents the successful completion of the main project of the furnace, marking another significant milestone for the project, and also indicates that the second phase of the Fengyang South Glass Project has come to an end.
Since the commencement of October 2021, the South Glass Project has constructed four 1200T/D calendered glass production lines, of which three have been successively ignited and put into production. Since the commencement of the project, in order to ensure the construction progress, scientific organization and careful arrangement have been made, and every effort has been made to overcome difficulties. In 2022, both materials and personnel, the project department is facing great pressure. At the beginning of this year, the Project Department adhered to the company's spirit of "three stresses and three don'ts" and actively implemented the "four new and five modernizations". While ensuring quality, it scientifically organized and rushed to work to try its best to recover the construction arrangements that were delayed due to last year's epidemic, ensuring the smooth completion of each construction node, and ultimately winning the unanimous good evaluation of the owner.

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