The first hoisting of steel box girder of Qianjin Bridge in Yiyang County was successful

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At 10:18 a.m. on October 27, 2022, the first span steel box girder of Qianjin Bridge Reconstruction and Expansion Project in Yiyang County, which was manufactured and installed by Yu'an Metal Structure Company, was slowly lifted, accompanied by the rotation of the 400 ton crawler crane boom. After more than ten minutes, the steel box girder was successfully in place. The successful first hoisting marks the official opening of the erection of steel box girders on the main line of Qianjin Bridge!
The beam section to be hoisted this time is located at the south starting point of the river crossing steel box girder of the main line of Qianjin Bridge. The height of the box girder is 2.2 meters and the total weight is about 106 tons. After the beam section is in place, the main span will be erected in turn. The single span of the main span is about 45 meters, and the maximum width of the widened part is 35.4 meters. After all the factory manufacturing is completed, the main span will be transported to the site by sections for hoisting and welding.
The smooth hoisting of the first section of steel box girder will speed up the connection of the main structure of Qianjin Bridge, which is a key step to ensure the connection of the whole line. In the next step, the metal structure company will work together to overcome difficulties with a more high spirited attitude. It will devote its full power to production, spare no effort to ensure the nodes, and contribute to the early opening of the project!
It is reported that the Qianjin Bridge reconstruction and expansion project is a key livelihood project in Yiyang County in 2022. The project starts from Lihe Avenue in the north and ends at Hongqi Road in the south. The main line is elevated and the river crossing section is a double-layer structure with a total length of 495 meters. The upper part is an elevated main motorway. After the old bridge below is widened, a steel box girder pedestrian bridge is set on the east and west sides. The part undertaken by our company is located on the south side of the bridge, with a total length of 244 meters, It mainly includes the manufacturing and installation of main line and pedestrian non bridge steel box girder on both sides. After the completion of the project, it will greatly facilitate the travel of the surrounding people. At the same time, Yiyang will also become the only county in Luoyang with elevated roads, which is of far-reaching significance to further enhance the connectivity of the surrounding road network and improve the urban development pattern.

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