Gansu Compound Fertilizer Project was successfully put into production at one time

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The construction project of the production line of new crop specific fertilizer with an annual output of 300000 tons (hereinafter referred to as Gansu Compound Fertilizer Project) constructed by the Group Company was successfully put into operation at 3:00 p.m. on October 29, 2022.
Gansu Compound Fertilizer Project will officially start in the middle and late July 2022. The project is divided into feeding area, high tower, outer pipe gallery, finished product processing and transportation area, and the construction period is only three months. The construction period is short, the task is heavy, and there is no drawing for the construction of compound fertilizer, so it is necessary to design according to the site at the same time. Although the Project Department knows about the process of compound fertilizer, the difficulty of on-site construction is greatly increased due to the difficult epidemic situation. The repeated impact of the epidemic situation during the construction period makes the arrival period of materials and equipment long and highly uncertain, making the short construction period even more tense.
In view of the above difficulties, the project department has a working attitude of "starting is the decisive battle, starting is the sprint". In accordance with the general requirements of "focusing on quality, promoting construction period, controlling cost and ensuring safety", and in combination with the construction experience of Jiujiang Compound Fertilizer, we will deploy in advance, reasonably arrange materials and their personnel to enter the site, and reasonably deploy the construction plan according to the "ninety days of hard work" node customized by Party A to achieve efficient construction. During this period, the project department broke the traditional division of disciplines by making overall management and unified deployment of the construction personnel of the four disciplines, and achieved the effect of working together to cut through the costs. Through the unified deployment of the Project Department and the active cooperation of each team leader, the limited construction machinery is used alternately, which not only completes the construction tasks of each construction face efficiently, but also saves the use cost of machinery.
As an excellent tradition of the Chemical Engineering Business Department, the construction team of Gansu Compound Fertilizer Project is also continuing and inheriting the tradition of "being a person with a grateful heart and working with a bright sword". The workers are working overtime and hard. Every day, the stars are shining, we can still see that the construction personnel are actively promoting the construction progress. The leaders of the Project Department are taking personal responsibility, sticking to the front line of work every night, and arranging the management duty schedule, Let the management personnel go to the site to communicate and solve the on-site construction problems, and play a certain role in supervision and leadership.
The compound fertilizer project was evaluated by the leaders of Xinlianxin Group as a compound fertilizer system with the shortest time and the best quality. The Project Department has received unanimous praise from the Gansu Xinlianxin Project Department and the supervision unit, and is known as the "provincial safety speed" and "a team that listens to commands and can win". The successful operation of this project is inseparable from the strong support of the company's leaders, and also from the hard work of all front-line workers and managers. Gansu Compound Fertilizer Project Department will continue to be a team capable of winning battles and contribute to the continuous growth of the company's chemical sector with the attitude of fearing no hardship and daring to show the sword.

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