High Quality Construction Helps Green Development of Mines

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On October 21, a delegation led by Lai Zhiguang, president of Guangdong Dongsheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Wang Hairong, executive president, and Liu Xing, general manager of the mining sector, visited the Dalingtou mining area project in Jiushi Town, Deqing County, which was contracted by the Power Engineering Division of the Group, to investigate the progress of the project.
At the meeting, Lai Zhiguang, president of Dongsheng Group, highly affirmed the working attitude of all staff of the project department in terms of hard work, and said that after running in several projects such as Heshan with Henan Installation, there had been successful cooperation cases, and he was confident that the Deqing project would be completed on schedule. At the same time, Lai Zhiguang stressed that Henan Installation should really perform the responsibilities of the general contractor of construction and installation in this project, and work closely with various professional contracting teams and equipment manufacturers to achieve orderly and seamless connection to ensure the completion of the construction period.
Wang Hairong, CEO of Dongsheng Group, also fully affirmed the efforts made by the Project Department to overcome difficulties in the early stage, and said that both parties had the same goals and worked together to achieve early results.
Deng Yingqun, Deputy General Manager of the Power Engineering Business Department of the Group Company, said that since the commencement of the project, the Group Company and the Business Department have attached great importance to actively allocating personnel and materials, integrating resources, overcoming numerous difficulties, ensuring the efficient operation of the project, and will continue to achieve high-quality operations and efficient management in the next construction process, confident and able to complete the goal on schedule. The Project Department will also organically integrate the ecological environment and industrial construction in accordance with the mature "green mine" construction policy of Dongsheng Group and the advanced concept of green development, so that the mine park will be built when the mine starts to produce.
Project overview
The project of Dalingtou Mining Area in Jiushi Town, Deqing County is constructed by China Resources, EPC by Dongsheng Group and EPC by Henan Installation Group. Dongsheng Group, guided by the new development concept in mine operation, implements the overall development strategy of "mine land coordination" after the mine area is closed, which not only realizes the "green water and green mountains" of the productive cultural tourism mines, but also helps the local industry to integrate and realize the "golden mountain and silver mountain" of industrial ecology.
The project adopts open-pit horizontal bench mining and greening while mining to mine granite ore for construction in Dalingtou mining area, with a mining volume of 6 million m ³/ A (solid), including an ore crushing and processing production line and a sand washing and sand making production line, as well as a transport corridor to the transfer warehouse in the west of the mining area for transit at the wharf. This project is also another cooperation project between the company and Dongsheng Group following the Heshan market project.

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