Ignition and production of Hebei Windows ultra-thin electronic glass phase II project

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On October 26, 2022, the second phase project of ultra-thin electronic glass production line of Hebei Windows Glass Co., Ltd. contracted by our company was put into operation. Zhao Jingbo, Vice Mayor of Langfang, Jiao Wenxu, Secretary of Yongqing County Party Committee, Li Yantao, General Manager of Hebei Windows, Fu Yongfeng, General Manager of Glass Fiber Business Department, and Li Enbing, Project Manager attended the ignition ceremony.
The second phase project of Hebei Windows ultra-thin electronic glass production line is a strategic project of CSG. It mainly produces ITO ultra-thin electronic glass, which is used in the new display field, covering the sixth generation of ultra-thin substrates, with an annual output of 28000 tons; It broke the foreign technology monopoly and filled the domestic gap, echoing the "Science and technology is innovation" proposed by the "Twentieth National Congress". The production line is an all oxygen horseshoe flame kiln with complex structure, and the arch bricks are electrically melted αβ Bricks and AZS bricks; αβ Bricks are as brittle as jade, and corners will fall off if there is a little carelessness. Arch bricks are small in size, difficult to adjust, and strictly controlled in quality. Since the commencement of the project, it has experienced three outbreaks of epidemic diseases, repeated stoppages, and it is difficult for materials to enter the site in time. With the strong support of the Group Company and the Business Department, the Project Department carefully organized the construction plan, worked together with the Owner to overcome many difficulties, and successfully ignited and put into production at 10:08 on October 26.

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