Watch the Yu’An “Professional Bricklayer “ Showing Elegant Demeanour

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At the end of June 2022, the first vocational skills competition of Henan Province hosted by the Henan provincial government was opened in Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center. Lou Yangsheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, made a speech and announced the opening of the competition. Wang Kai, governor of Henan Province, and Tang Tao, vice minister of human resources and social security, participated in the opening ceremony. This vocational skills competition is a comprehensive vocational skills competition with the highest specification, the most complete competition items, the largest number of competitors and the largest scale in Henan Province.
A total of 1412 competitors participated in the competition, including 24 in the masonry professional competition, 13 from technical schools in the province, 10 from major construction enterprises in the province, and Li Jianghua, a masonry player from the glass fiber engineering division of the group company, participated on behalf of the group company.
Li Jianghua, born in 1987 and working in 2009, is an excellent furnace build worker. He is currently involved in the construction of five 1200 T / D photovoltaic glass lines in phase III of Fengyang fulette.
As an excellent technical representative of the company's furnace construction, Li Jianghua attached great importance to it after receiving the notice of participation. However, due to the tight construction task of the project, the daily construction volume is very heavy, and there is no energy for closed and professional systematic training. In order not to affect the construction nodes of the project, he did not leave the construction site until the day before the competition and went to the Zhengzhou stadium alone. Even in the stadium, under the guidance of Sheng Hongsheng, the company's furnace building expert, four gray poles were made of wood slats on the site as competition tools. After drawing lots, they entered the formal competition. Compared with other competitors who have received special pre competition training, or who have professional modern competition equipment and tools, Li Jianghua's preparation is obviously "insufficient".
The competition module is red bricks for civil buildings. The beating, brick spinning, mortar joints and other links involved in the competition are quite different from the industrial kiln masonry that Li Jianghua is engaged in daily. However, Li Jianghua calmly takes the challenge and is skilled in leveling, setting out, brick processing, masonry and other processes. The competition lasted for three days, and Li Jianghua finally successfully completed the task of building two modules within the specified time.
After five rounds of evaluation by masonry experts, judges and judges in this vocational skill competition, Li Jianghua won the 10th prize of masonry worker in the first vocational skill competition of Henan Province.
When commenting, the judges said that "if Li Jianghua of the Henan Installation Group has a set of professional tools and equipment and has more training experience in the competition, he will definitely rank among the top". This fully shows his affirmation and praise for the technical level and personal ability of the industrial furnace building personnel of the group company, which makes the group company recognized in the provincial vocational skill competition and accumulates rich competition experience for participating in the next competition.
The participation experience not only displays Li Jianghua's personal technical style, but also represents the strong strength of the furnace building team of more than 1000 people in the glass fiber engineering business department, and inspires the sense of honor and belonging of everyone. It is believed that in the future work, the furnace building workers will continue to grow and progress, and strive to become a " professional bricklayer".

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