The final of the second employee vocational skills competition of the group company successfully concluded

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On the morning of September 23, the final of the Group's 2nd Employee Vocational Skills Competition for Electrical & Instrument  Construction Technicians Skills Competition ended successfully. According to the spirit of the documents of the group company, through preliminary training and preliminary selection,  business divisions and engineering companies finally selected 24 electrical and instrument construction technicians to participate in the final. Due to the long distance of the project departments and the epidemic situation, the final was organized online and offline simultaneously. Among them, 13 contestants participated offline in the conference room on the 20th floor of the Henan Installation building, and 11 contestants finished the competition  online invigilated by the person in charge in the conference room 2318.

Before the competition, Guo Changqi, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group Company and Chairman of the Labor Union, summoned relevant persons in charge of the Engineering Management Department, Human Resources Department, President's Office and the undertaker Power Engineering Division  to discuss the number of questions, difficulty level, and invigilation of the examination papers. Careful deployment and arrangements have been made to ensure that each party performs its duties and responsibilities.

This competition adopts a combination of theoretical examination and practical training. The content combines the basic knowledge of electrical equipment, construction specifications, construction process flow and common problems in the field construction process, as well as relevant knowledge  such as the management ability, drawing reading ability and cost budget that electrical and instrument technicians should have. It is comprehensive investigation, and has strong pertinence and guiding significance.

At the scene of the competition, the contestants remained calm, burying their heads in answering questions, sometimes frowning and thinking, and sometimes writing fast like a moving dragon. This competition is a test of the contestants understanding of company's recent cultural system, their professional theoretical study and professional and technical level. It is also a moment for the contestants to show their true professional level and ability. They all bring their A game for a showdown at this moment.

After 100 minutes of theoretical examination and 120 minutes of practical competition, a total of four hours of competition, all online and offline participants successfully completed the examination. After review by the expert group, the final winners of this competition are as follows:

The 1st place is Zhang Chongchong from the 1st Engineering Company; tied for the 2nd place is Xu Chaoda and Zhang Yongyong from the Electric Power Division; the 3rd place is Yang Chenkun from the Electric Power Division; the 4th place is Zhu Peiji from the 1st Engineering Company; the 5th place is Qu Shuai from the Glass & Fiberglass Division.

After the competition, the final evaluation team made a comment on the electrical & instrument technicians construction skills competition: the participating units in this competition took it seriously, and carefully selected the professional contestants of their own units, and the results and the level of the competition were well performed. The ultimate purpose of the competition is to promote training through competitions, to train troops through competitions, and to improve the professional skills and comprehensive capabilities of electrical and instrument construction technicians. Some outstanding problems were also exposed through the competition. Some contestants' theoretical knowledge and practical performance were not very satisfactory, and the gap was relatively large. The problems were: lack of solid theoretical knowledge, unfamiliar with construction specifications, and lack of ability to understand drawings. As a professional construction technician, the knowledge and ability of on-site construction management, material plan extraction, cost management, etc. are indispensable. It is hoped that through this competition, they will find gaps and deficiencies, learn from each other's strengths and make up for their shortcomings, and make up for omissions, so as to combine theory and practice, try their best to exert their own strength, and contribute to the smooth progress of the project and the development of the group company. 

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