Race Against Time and Fight Against Difficulties - Hebei Guyuan Energy Storage Project Phase II was Successfully Connected to the Grid

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On June 29, 2022, Hebei Guyuan Phase II 220MW+7.5MW energy storage project was successfully connected to the grid, one day ahead of schedule. The hard work of the project builders has finally come to fruition, and the hard work of the project team has been witnessed!
On April 15th, the construction of the pile foundation marked the official start of the project.After preliminary calculation, the construction period of 7 pile foundations in 2019 will take one and a half months, the eighteen phase change foundations will take 9 days, and the installation of 2019 sets of brackets and components will take one month, and the total construction period will be at least 84 days.In the face of the owner's request for grid connection on June 30, the construction period is only 75 days.How to deliver the work on time and complete the arduous task of rushing the construction period and securing the nodes is the first problem encountered by the project.
Race Against Time and Fight Against Difficulties
The project management team actively and steadily promoted the key work of the project. The wide construction area, which stretches for nearly 5 kilometers, has soft geology and extremely shallow groundwater level. After the pile foundation pit is drilled, the water will slowly reverse or even collapse. Faced with the importance, urgency and severity of project construction, in order to ensure the safety, quality and construction period of the project, the construction speed has been improved. With the goal of "fighting to the end to achieve grid connection" and the determination of "not giving up until the goal is achieved", the project department turns pressure into motivation, and achieves results and standards. A scientific and reasonable project implementation plan and construction period plan have been formulated. Organize the pile foundation pit that has been built during the day, carry out sand backfilling as soon as possible, and quickly fix the pile foundation to solve the risk of pit collapse. Using 4 sets of drilling machines and 4 sets of pile presses, the construction workers are grouped alternately for uninterrupted construction, and the distribution of lunch boxes in the construction area saves the time for workers to travel and other effective construction methods, and the construction time of the pile foundation is successfully shortened to one month.
Gather wisdom and strength to solve problems, take multiple measures to execute
The project management team implements the work mode of day and night and cross-construction. The foundation construction of 18 sets of phase change was completed in 6 days, and the installation of the 2019 group of brackets was completed in less than 30 days. The conditions for handover were met on June 20. This battle was fought beautifully and neatly. The completion of each node, behind each data, is the busy figure in the night, the hard work of the stars and the moon, the perseverance, the dedication, the struggle, and the sweat and hard work.
The Guyuan project team has made every effort to build this high-quality project, adding luster to the company's good corporate image and laying a solid foundation for the company to enter the photovoltaic market.

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