Hebei Jizhong New Material Project held pool kiln masonry ceremony and pledge meeting

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At 10:28 on January 12, 2022, the project department of Hebei Jizhong New Material held the masonry ceremony and pledging meeting of No. 2 pool kiln with annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of glass fiber. The masonry project of Hebei Jizhong New Material Project is 120 square meters of glass unit kiln and pathway masonry, in which the length of kiln is 17.05 meters, the width of pool wall is 6.5 meters, the height of pool wall is 1.27 meters, the span of melting part is 6.8 meters, the height is 1.192 meters, the height of swan is 0.991 meters; the pathway masonry: 1 main pathway, 2 transition pathways, 2 distribution pathways, 8 operation pathways. The access road extension is about 218 meters; the refractory bricks involve more than 20 kinds of refractory materials such as kaolin large brick, high dense zircon brick, dense chromium oxide brick, aggregate type chromium oxide brick, re-sintered electrofused mullite brick, light mullite brick, clay brick, chromium-zirconium corundum brick, etc. The masonry uses about 1,074 tons of refractory materials.

The masonry progress required to start on January 12, 2022 to end on March 10, 2022, during the construction period there is a traditional holiday Spring Festival, the effective construction time to complete the masonry task of this kiln and access road is only about 40 days. The construction period is tight and the task is heavy, the project, with a firm determination to win, dares to show its sword and calls on all the participants to go all out, overcome difficulties and work together to ensure "living up to the mission and creating brilliance again" and completing the construction on schedule. The project department expressed that they will do their best to do a good job in the masonry project of 2# kiln. They firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the group company and Chemical Engineering Department, with the support and help of the owner and supervisor, and with the joint efforts of the project builders, they will be able to complete this masonry task with concerted efforts, safely and efficiently, and the construction of 2# kiln project will definitely achieve a complete success!


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