Puyang Mayor Wan Zhengfeng Presided over the Biodegradable Material Industry Task Force Work Report Meeting--Xinghan General Manager He Zhihua Attended and Reported the Work

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On January 27, Puyang Mayor Wan Zhengfeng presided over the biodegradable material industry special class work report meeting, listened to the biodegradable material industry special class work situation and county (district) biodegradable material industry development planning report, arranged the deployment of current key work. Puyang Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Nanle County Party Secretary Liu Bing, Vice Mayor Sun Yongzhen, Vice Chairman of Municipal Committee, Chairman of Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Li Lirong, General Manager of Henan Xinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. He Zhihua attended the meeting as the representative of leading enterprises in biodegradable materials industry.

At the meeting, the responsible comrade of municipal science and technology bureau reported the work of biodegradable material industry in 2021, the planning of this year's work and the formation of industrial technology innovation strategy alliance; the responsible comrade of Nanle County government and the management committee of development zone reported the planning of industrial development and the next step to promote measures, and the general manager of Xinghan Company, He Zhihua, reported the current production and operation of the company, the difficulties faced and the next development plan, and handed over the problems of enterprises on site.

Wan Zhengfeng requested that the priority is to make every effort to speed up the construction and production of the project. Figure out the project base, build a solid project ledger, speed up the commencement of signed projects, speed up the production of undergoing projects. Second, to attract new projects. Increase outbound investment efforts, highlighting the recruitment of large and strong, clear task division, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in landing major projects and growing industrial clusters. Third is to optimize the project elements to ensure. Compact local and departmental responsibility, and enterprises to strengthen the docking, increase the water, electricity, gas, land, funds, approval and other elements of security, to create the best environment for enterprise development, provide the best service. Fourth, we must improve the project promotion mechanism. Effectively play the role of the work of the task force, held a monthly meeting of the task force, strengthen the command and scheduling, adhere to the problem-oriented, result-oriented, and strengthen communication with enterprises to bring up the problem, solve it, and promote the implementation of responsibility.

At present, the whole country is forming a new pattern of cooperating to green development. As a leading enterprise with distinctive product features, high industry reputation and strong competitiveness, Henan Xinghan will continue to seize the opportunity of national "double carbon" and "plastic ban", accelerate the construction pace of 200,000 tons/year high light pure polymerization grade L-lactic acid project, continuously seize the industrial heights, expand the production scale, and make new and greater contributions to promote the layout and industrial process of bio-based degradable materials and build a green, low-carbon and circular economic system.


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