Kaisheng Junheng Pharmaceutical Glass No. 3 Furnace Project was successfully ignited.

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     At 9:58 on September 26, 2021, Kaisheng Junheng Pharmaceutical Glass No. 3 Furnace in Wei County, Handan was successfully ignited. Lu Yingcheng, general manager of Kaisheng Junheng Co., Ltd. and related leaders, Ma Yong, Kaisheng Junheng Pharmaceutical Glass Project Manager of China Building Materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and related leaders, all employees of the project department and related units attended the ignition ceremony.

    The successful ignition of the No. 3 furnace project indicates that the high-quality development of 5.0 neutral borosilicate medicinal glass will be further improved, and it will lay a solid foundation for the future development of Henan's installation in the medicinal glass industry.

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