Everbright Suqian Project Boiler Hydraulic Pressure Test Was Successful.

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The Everbright Suqian Project is a supporting power generation and heating project that burns 300,000 tons of industrial solid waste (excluding hazardous waste) per year, which was undertaken by Henan Installation's Electrical Engineering Department. On September 17th, the boiler hydraulic pressure test of this project was successful in one time, marking the successful completion of a milestone in the project.

At 10 am on the 17th, under the witness of the owner, general contractor, supervisor, and Nanjing Special Inspection Institute, the pressure of the medium-pressure boiler rose to the working pressure (7.2MPa), the pressure increase was stopped, and all parts of the pressure test range of the boiler were performed once, and keep the pressure for 20 minutes without anything abnormal. Then turn on the high-pressure cleaner and increase the pressure to 1.25 times the working pressure (9Mpa). After keeping it for 20 minutes, reduce to the working pressure for a comprehensive inspection. After checking that there is no water droplets and water mist on the metal walls and welds of the pressure components, no residues and deformation are found. The test was successful in one time.

To ensure a successful boiler hydraulic test, the project department meticulously organized, made overall arrangements, and implemented responsibilities at all levels. In the early stage of the pressure test, the project department counts the hydraulic pressure tailings and defects every day to improve the preparations for the hydraulic test; at the same time, it actively contacts the boiler manufacturer to deal with the defective equipment. Overcoming the difficulties such as the delay in the construction of civil construction and the more precipitation in the rainy season, combined the site environment and formulate a scientific hydraulic test special construction plan, and conduct detailed safety, technical explanations and division of labor for the relevant personnel involved in the hydraulic test. Safety warning signs and safety precautions have been hung in the operation area, and a warning zone has been set up.

The success of the hydraulic test has created favorable conditions for the development of the next step of the boiler baking furnace, blowpipe and other follow-up work, and also laid a solid foundation for the unit to put into production and power generation.


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