The group company successfully held a training class for company leaders.

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In order to strengthen the ideological and work style construction of company leaders, unify their thoughts, enhance their execution and performance ability, and promote the construction of a team of leaders with high professional quality and strong management capabilities, from June 19th to 20th, the group company organized a "Improve the quality of the leaders and practice the spirit of ownership" training. A total of more than 50 people from the company’s leadership team participated in the training.

On the morning of June 19, Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the Group Company, put forward six points on how to be a good “top leader” in the opening class of "How to Be a Good Leader", combining with his personal work and management practices.

1. A good leader must be loyal.

You must love the business you are engaged in, you must have a high degree of love for your own business and industry, and only if you love it, you can be loyal to it; you must have the determination to start a business, and a good leader has more important responsibilities. A good leader must do everything possible to solve the problems encountered. To be loyal to the company, to be consistent with the company, to implement the company's decisions; to be loyal to the company's thoughts and concepts, the company's major cultural concepts, systems, and development strategies. The leader’s thinking must be highly consistent with the company's pace, and the company's decision-making and deployment must be implemented 100 % unswervingly.

2. Leaders must establish the concept of career first, fame and fortune second.

Firstly, a good leader must correctly view the relationship between career and fame and fortune. We must cherish the platform provided by company, try our best, and live with dignity and value. Secondly, we must recognize the current development position of the company and must be crisis-conscious, and take heavy responsibilities. The industrial chain must be lengthened, and differentiated advantages around making the company stronger and better must be established.

3. A good leader must have logical ideas, clear goals and thinking.

A good leader must have personal thoughts and opinions, must have the formation of original ecological thinking, regular thinking, can summarize, reflect, and improve from solving problems, and grasp the direction of development. It is necessary to be highly unified with the company's thinking, to improve the ability to control under the general trend of the company's development, and to do a business.

4. A good Leader must dare to manage and strictly manage

A good leader must take management responsibilities and obligations, strictly enforce the system, be rigid, and dare to offend others and speak hard. A good leader must have the authority of a leader, and at the same time, he must know that he is also a follower.

5. A good leader must have the desire to be success.

There must be a strong desire to do it. The results of "willing to do it" and "unwilling to do it", "requiring me to do it" and "I want to do it" are completely different. Ability is not innate. It is cultivated through entrepreneurship and continuous problem solving. It is necessary to face problems squarely, solve problems, and have the determination and ability to accomplish things.

6. A good leader must have social communication skills

A good leader must spend at least two-thirds of the time and energy to do the market, do a good job of internal management and handle external relations.

Subsequently, the group company leaders Yan Congyun, Wang Zhixiang, Guo Changqi, Liao Hongying, and Liu Jieliang, director of the enterprise technology center, have delivered some useful lessons. Through exchanges and discussions, the trainees have higher requirements on how to be a "good leader" and the implementation of the company's four major strategies, which provides a guarantee and operation method for the integration of the company's strategic deployment into actual work.


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