The commissioning of the Everbright Nanyang and Everbright East China Sea projects was successfully completed.

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On June 18, 2021, the Everbright Nanyang Waste-to-energy Project and the Everbright Donghai Waste-to-energy Project completed the first successful grid connection of the two units at the same time, laying the foundation for the 72+24 trial operation of the Everbright Donghai project and creating a reliable guarantee for the entry of waste from the Nanyang Project. It also greatly encouraged the work enthusiasm of the staff who debugged the two projects. All the hard work paid off at this moment.

The two projects were connected to the grid on the same day for trial operation, which was the first time for the commissioning department. With the strong support of the leadership, the commissioning company rationally deployed personnel and equipment, and coordinated the commissioning team. Taking serving the owner as the first standard, formulate a fine commissioning plan to ensure the progress and quality, reasonably arrange the schedule, and successfully complete the grid-connected trial operation according to the nodes.The successful grid connection of the two projects in Donghai and Nanyang has carried forward the Yu'an spirit of the Yu'an people who dare to overcome difficulties.



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