The fourth line of Tengzhou Jinjing 800T float glass successfully started.

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At 9:23 am on June 22, 2021, the fourth line of Tengzhou Jinjing 800T float glass cold repair project successfully started, which means Tengzhou Jinjing four-line kiln officially entered the production stage.

Since the Fourth Line of Tengzhou Jinjing was ignited on May 28, after 26 days of meticulous deployment, three teams have been fighting on the front line of the furnace day and night. The success of the starting is not only the greatest affirmation of the four-month work of all the staff of our project department, but also the best explanation to the owner's construction requirements.

The successful commissioning of Tengzhou Jinjing's fourth line is not the end of our battle, but the beginning of a new journey. In the days to come, we will maintain our high morale, continue to carry forward the Yu'an spirit and strictly implement it.


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