Luoyang Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd. passed the provincial-level "Zhuanjing Texin" SME certification.

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Recently, in accordance with the "Management Measures for the Accreditation of " Profession, Delicacy, Characteristic and Innovation " Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Henan Province and related documents, Luoyang Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd. organized and carried out the 2021 provincial-level " Profession, Delicacy, Characteristic and Innovation " SMEs application work. On May 11, Yu’an Metal Structure officially passed the 2021 Henan Province "Zhuanjing Texin" Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Certification.

In recent years, Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd. has focused on the technology research and development and intelligent manufacturing of industrial equipment, steel structure bridges, pressure vessels and other products in the glass industry, organized research and development of topics, declared 32 patents, and issued one corporate standard. At the same time, based on the declared patented technology, the transformation of results has been actively carried out, which has strongly promoted the improvement of the manufacturing technology and innovation capabilities of the metal structure company.

The acquisition of Henan Province's "Zhuanjing Texin" SME is a recognition of the production and management development and technological innovation capabilities of Yu'an Metal Structure Co., Ltd, and it is also the starting point for the metal structure company to move towards new goals. The metal structure company will continue to focus on the group company’s "four major strategies" and overall development layout, strengthen and highlight the construction of "informatization, standardization, industrialization, refinement, and specialization", further increase scientific research, and enhance independent innovation capabilities and brand building, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and build the metal structure company into a modern and specialized high-tech enterprise with outstanding characteristics, leading technology, and innovation-driven.

“Zhuangjing Texin” SMEs refer to SMEs with four major advantages: profession, delicacy, characteristic and innovation. The provincial "Zhuanjing Texin" enterprise selection has strict requirements on basic indicators such as corporate revenue growth rate, R&D investment, and innovation capabilities. It aims to select the excellent enterprises with high-tech content, advanced equipment and technology, complete management system and strong market competitiveness at a range of the whole province. The approved companies will receive more support in terms of corporate financing, entrepreneurial innovation, and corporate development.


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