The urea project of Xinxiang Xinlianxin Green Manufacturing Project was successfully put into operation

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The urea project of Xinxiang Xinlianxin Green Manufacturing Project was successfully put into operation on October 8, 2023, marking another landmark milestone in the development history of the Chemical Engineering Division. The urea project adopts the world's best Stamikabang 5XX ultra-low energy consumption process, with steam consumption per ton of urea controlled within 600 kilograms, which is 200 to 300 kilograms lower than traditional CO2 stripping process steam consumption, and has obvious energy-saving advantages. The smooth operation of this project has laid the foundation for our company to undertake high-tech project management in the future.

The project mainly undertakes the construction of three sections: the urea main plant, CO2 compression plant, and granulation tower. The steel frame of the urea main plant has a total of 10 floors and a total height of 53.3 meters. There are over 150 sets of equipment, including a core equipment pool reactor weighing 435 tons, a stripper weighing 140 tons, and a CO2 compressor weighing 10350kW. According to the progress requirements of the project, combined with the actual situation on site, the project department takes into account the priority of equipment hoisting and frame construction, the entry and exit stations of large cranes, and the construction cooperation with the tank body and pump room foundation. The process equipment is sorted, arranged, and key points are ensured, and installed in batches.

This project adopts new processes, equipment, and technologies. In order to ensure the smooth construction of the project, all personnel in our project department have braved difficulties and actively carried out various tasks without excuses or conditions. We have braved obstacles and marched triumphantly all the way, fully promoting the completion of various milestones on schedule. During this period, the impact of the epidemic at the end of 22 years and the delay of nine months in the arrival of key core imported equipment, the pool reactor, was overcome. In order to compensate for the impact of delayed equipment arrival, the project department, after fully considering the wishes of the owner, carefully organized the production of a fixture model for the pool reactor on site, located all pipe orifices, and installed the pipeline to the last welding joint connected to the equipment. The error between the pipe orifices installed before and after the equipment was in place was within 3mm, ensuring installation accuracy and greatly shortening the pipeline installation period. After the arrival of the imported equipment pool reactor on September 8th, All installation work related to the equipment was completed in just 7 days (it takes about 30 days for other domestic projects to be completed), which has won valuable time and huge economic benefits for the owner's early start-up and production, and has been praised by the owner.

The new era endows us with new missions, and the new journey calls for new responsibilities. Our project department will carry forward the glorious tradition of hard work and overcoming difficulties, and continue to work hard in future engineering construction. While ensuring engineering quality and safety production, we will provide high-quality engineering for the owners, and create new achievements for the group company and the Business Division in the field of high-tech special chemical industry.

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