The water pressure test of boiler 1 # in Henan Huatian Thermal Power Project was successful in one go

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At 12:48 noon on April 1st, amidst the roar of salutes, the water pressure test of the 1 # boiler of the Henan Huatian Thermal Power Project, which was constructed by our company, was successful in one go.

The Huatian Thermal Power Project in Henan Province is located in Changcun Town, Huixian City, Xinxiang City. Its unique rugged and rocky geographical environment greatly increases the difficulty of construction. In addition, the site is narrow and there are many construction units, making construction even more difficult. Faced with numerous difficulties, the installation personnel in Henan did not back down. Under the careful organization of the project department, the installation personnel in Henan work day and night, working overtime.

On April 1st, the project department successfully secured the water pressure test milestone, much earlier than the owner's expected mid April. Our company's spirit of not bowing down to difficulties and fighting tenaciously has received unanimous praise from the owner and supervision unit.

The Huatian Thermal Power Project in Henan Province is a biomass thermal power project that uses straw and forestry waste from Huixian and surrounding counties and cities as fuel for power generation. The annual power supply can reach 130 million kilowatt hours, the annual heat supply is about 2.542 million gigawatts of coke, the annual saving of standard coal is 114600 tons, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is 298000 tons. This project will completely solve the pollution problem of straw and forestry waste, achieve comprehensive utilization of straw and forestry waste, and achieve good social benefits.

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