The successful ignition of the No.1 kiln and the smooth commencement of the No.2 kiln masonry project of Guangxi Nanbo Phase I project

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At 10:28 am on March 30th, the No.1 kiln of Guangxi Nanbo Phase I project was successfully ignited. Peng Shou, academician of the CAE Member and chief scientist of China Building Materials Group, Mao Yanqiong, chairman of the CPPCC Beihai Municipal Committee, Sun Huanzhi, vice mayor of Beihai, and Fu Yongfeng, general manager of the glass fiber engineering division, attended the ignition and production ceremony.

Since the start of the Guangxi South Glass Phase I project, it has experienced scorching summer and severe winter, and the on-site construction conditions are very difficult. The roads are muddy and the site is narrow, and various construction units are working in cross sections. The project department attaches great importance to this project, actively organizes and coordinates an excellent construction team, strictly follows the drawings and standard specifications for construction, focuses on safety production, and strictly controls the construction progress and quality. During the construction period, the project department worked overtime to overcome all difficulties and successfully completed the current construction task, ensuring the timely ignition of the project and achieving a significant milestone victory.

The next day, the construction of the second kiln of the first phase project started smoothly. Wu Linyu, General Manager of Guangxi Nanbo New Energy Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Fu Yongfeng, General Manager of the Business Unit, and all personnel from the project department attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Before the ceremony, Wu Linyu gave an important speech, affirming our company's ability and full of confidence that we can successfully complete this construction task. The kiln is the core of the entire glass production line, so the construction quality of the kiln is of utmost importance. It is necessary to strictly control the quality, comprehensively control, and ensure the quality while ensuring the construction period.

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