The large arch of Luoyang Longhai Information Display Ultra Thin Substrate Project was successfully closed

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At 11:08 am on March 5, 2024, the 250T/D furnace arch of the Luoyang Longhai Float Method Second Line Project was successfully closed. In the presence of all employees, leaders from all sides held wooden hammers and embedded the last three lucky bricks into the crown, successfully locking the large arch of the furnace. This also marked an important step towards the goal of smooth ignition of the Luoyang Longhai project.

Luoyang Longhai Information shows that the ultra-thin substrate production line mainly produces 0.55mm and 0.75mm electronic glass. Due to the high glass grade and strict construction requirements, quality control during construction is crucial. The continuous winter blizzard warnings and cold waves in Luoyang have disrupted the original schedule. In order to ensure construction quality, on-site construction has been suspended, and the project department has adjusted the construction plan in a timely manner. With the joint efforts of frontline workers and the project department, the key nodes of large-scale masonry have been completed with quality and quantity.

This project is also the third cooperation between the Glass Fiber Engineering Division of the group company and Luoyang Longhai Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. The smooth integration of the fused arch has been highly recognized by the owner and the general contractor, laying a solid foundation for subsequent bidding for public works sections. Establishing a good reputation and opening up the business situation with a good engineering image. Although the large arch has been successfully built, the subsequent tasks are still heavy and we still need to face difficulties. The Luoyang Longhai project department will continue to promote the spirit of Henan installation, and assist in creating high-quality projects with first-class service and excellent quality.

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