The first column of the 1200t/d glass furnace heat storage chamber with ultra-thin material for photovoltaic modules in Jiangsu Kaisheng project was successfully installed

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On the morning of March 5, 2024, a 100 ton crane successfully docked at the designated location on the south side of the furnace heat storage room of Jiangsu Kaisheng project. At 10:46, the time was fixed, accompanied by a command to lift. The first column on the south side of the thermal storage chamber of Jiangsu Kaisheng New Materials Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 1.5 million tons of photovoltaic module ultra-thin materials project was officially lifted, and then it was successfully installed in place amidst the exciting sound of firecrackers. The smooth installation of the thermal storage chamber column marks the official entry of the installation phase of the Jiangsu Kaisheng project, which was undertaken by our unit, and also marks the beginning of the new year for the project. The leaders of the general contractor and the owner unit visited the site to participate in guiding the lifting and fixing of the first column in the thermal storage chamber, and affirmed the quality of the project.

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