The Taisheng Quarry Aggregate Line Technical Renovation Project has officially started construction

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On the morning of December 24, 2023, the commencement ceremony of the Taisheng Quarry aggregate line technical renovation project was grandly held at the Jiangmen project site. The commencement ceremony was presided over by Deng Yingqun from the Electric Power Engineering Division, and attended by Tang Jinhong, the director of Taisheng Quarry, Huang Zhanliang, the on-site project manager, and heads of various departments at the quarry. The Taisheng Quarry Aggregate Line Technical Renovation Project is constructed by Jiangmen Taisheng Quarry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dongsheng Group, with a scale of two aggregate lines with an hourly output of>4000T/h, This project fully embodies the construction policy of Dongsheng Group's "green mines" and the advanced concept of green development. It is the close cooperation between the group company and Dongsheng Group, following the Shunxing, Heshan, and Deqing projects. It is also a new starting point and journey. We will also create the future with practical actions, and believe that through unremitting efforts, we can successfully achieve our goals.


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