The main body of the sanatorium building in the new construction project of Yichuan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has been successfully topped off

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On the afternoon of December 26th, the main structure of the sanatorium building of the new campus construction project of Yichuan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, undertaken by the group company, was crowned with gold, marking the completion of the main structure construction of the last single building of the project, and making significant progress in the project construction. At present, the main construction of the remaining skirts is also being carried out in an orderly manner. The decoration and decoration of the exterior facade of the single building of the hospital's fever clinic has been completed. Project introduction: The construction project of the new hospital area of Yichuan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is carried out according to the standards of a third class hospital, with a land area of about 125.52 acres and a total investment of 970 million yuan. The planning and construction includes two major sections: medical and elderly care. Among them, the above ground part includes medical complex building, sanatorium building, expert apartment building, oxygen supply station, fever clinic, and the underground part includes garage and supporting buildings. The project is expected to achieve overall relocation by the end of 2024, which will significantly improve the level of medical and health services in Yichuan County, allowing the people of the entire county to enjoy more preferential, satisfactory, and higher levels of medical services.

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