Jiangsu Siyang project's steam turbine successfully started at once

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Recently, the third steam turbine of the second phase of the cogeneration project of Baitong Hongda Thermal (Siyang) Co., Ltd., constructed by the Fourth Engineering Company, successfully started for the first time and reached the rated speed of 5500rpm. All system equipment operated smoothly. The successful completion of the steam turbine start-up marks a milestone victory in the overall start-up and trial operation of the No. 3 steam turbine unit.

The successful start-up of the 3 # steam turbine in the Siyang Baitong Phase II project is inseparable from the strong support of the company's leadership, the hard work of all project personnel, and the active cooperation of the commissioning company. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of Henan installation, keep in mind the company's purpose of creating high-quality projects, and with the spirit of setting sail, stepping on the waves, and bravely climbing upwards, we will continue to implement the company's management philosophy in subsequent work, Provide a satisfactory answer sheet for the owner and party A.

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