The B line of Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei Photovoltaic Cover Plate (B) Project was successfully ignited

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At 9:28 am on December 15th, the kiln of Line B of the Xinyi Jiangbei Photovoltaic Cover Plate (B) project in Wuhu was successfully ignited. Liu Xiaorong, Vice President of Xinyi Solar Energy Group, Zhao Chunyu, Vice General Manager, Zhang Ming, Chief Consultant, and Fu Yongfeng, General Manager of the Glass and Fiberglass Engineering Division of the Group Company, attended the ignition ceremony. Under the joint witness of everyone, the successful ignition of Line B marked the victory of the third major construction node of this year for the project.

The Wuhu Xinyi Jiangbei Cover Plate B Project is one of the annual key projects of the business unit. With the care and support of leaders at all levels, the project department has carefully organized, grasped the milestones, ensured quality, controlled safety, and rushed to meet the ignition conditions ahead of schedule. The smooth ignition of the line has inspired the confidence and courage of all project personnel. Afterwards, the project will further refine management, improve quality and efficiency, and assist the company in high-quality development.

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