The first hoisting of steel box girder of H ramp on Luoyang Torch Avenue was successfully completed

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On the morning of November 9, the first span steel box girder of the H ramp of the fourth section of the Torch Avenue in Luoyang, which was manufactured and installed by Luoyang Yuan Metal Structure Co., Ltd. was successfully hoisted, marking that the H ramp part of the interchange of the Torch Avenue and Luoyi Expressway officially entered the steel Box beam construction stage.


It is reported that our company has undertaken the task of manufacturing and installing steel box girder for the H ramp, J ramp and DF ramp of the Torch Avenue project, totaling more than 1,800 tons steel box girder. The steel box girder of the H ramp installed this time has a total length of 149 meters and a bridge deck width of 9.05 meters.This is the first time for Yuan Metal Structure Co., Ltd. to manufacture and install the ramp steel box girder. In order to complete the hoisting task with high quality, the production department held several special meetings before hoisting, repeatedly discussed the hoisting plan. At the project site, after detailed safety and technical clarifications were made to the participating operators, all preparations were ready. With the commanders order, the steel box girder was slowly hoisted in place according to the established plan. After the hoisting was completed, surveying personnel entered the site to review the hoisting position of the steel box girder to ensure that the installation position of the steel box girder is accurate.


The successful installation of the first span steel box girder has laid a good start for the installation of the remaining steel box girder of the ramp, and the remaining steel box girder will also be hoisted in order. Luoyang Yuan Metal Structure Co., Ltd. will continue to promote the remaining steel box girder hoisting and welding construction to ensure high standards and high quality installation.

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