The Second Children's Hospital of Henan Province (Wenzhong Campus of Luoyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital) undertaken by the group company began to receive patients in an all-round way

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At about 10:00 on July 2, the comprehensive opening ceremony of the Second Children's Hospital of Henan Province (Wenzhong Hospital District of Luoyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital) was held, with the participation of Mayor Xu Yixian, Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Sun Yanwen, Level II inspector of the Provincial Department of Finance Wang Xianhong, Level II inspector of the Provincial Health Commission Tian Changjun, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Lei Xueqin, Vice Mayor Wang Guohui, and some medical and health institutions including Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center.
After the closing ceremony, Xu Yixian went to the hospital departments to inspect the daily management and operation of the hospital on the spot. He stressed that as a key medical construction project and livelihood project of the province and city, the Second Children's Hospital of Henan Province is a concrete embodiment of Luoyang's deepening of medical system reform, which has injected new impetus into improving the health level of children in the region. We need to seize the opportunity of providing assistance to the Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center, accelerate the normalization of remote medical application, further optimize the medical and health care service system for women and children in the region, accelerate the construction of a regional children's medical center with exquisite medical technology, strong scientific research strength, distinct disciplinary characteristics, leading intelligent medical care, and efficient operation and management, so that the people in Luoyang and even western Henan can enjoy advanced, high-quality, and efficient services Convenient full lifecycle healthcare services.
The Second Children's Hospital of Henan Province (Wenzhong Hospital District of Luoyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital) is a provincial and municipal key medical construction project undertaken by the EPC mode of the group company. The project is located at the northeast side of the intersection of Wenzhong Avenue and Kaiyuan Avenue in Luolong District, covering an area of 126.75 mu, with a total construction area of 262000 square meters, a total investment of 1.794 billion yuan, 1500 beds and 5000 daily outpatient and emergency visits. The project is divided into two phases of construction, including outpatient medical technology building, ward building, science and education comprehensive building, infection building, fever clinic, etc. It is planned to establish 38 clinical and medical technology departments, and is a comprehensive women's and children's hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, rehabilitation, scientific research, prevention, and health care. The hospital follows the construction concept of "modernization, intelligence, and specialization", relies on the Luoyang metropolitan area, and focuses on creating a regional medical center in western Henan. It is a livelihood project for the government to do practical and good things for the people.
Since the construction of the project began in 2019, the young management team has sincerely united and overcome difficulties, fully promoting the work spirit of Yu'an Group, which is "particularly capable of enduring hardship, fighting, and dedicating". They have arranged the construction period backwards, grasped the progress, and completed various construction tasks according to the nodes. In January 2021, the outpatient medical technology building was successfully capped; In April 2021, the Maternal and Child Health Comprehensive Building was crowned with a golden roof; In April 2022, the main structure of inpatient building 2 was successfully capped; On April 9, 2022, the hospital achieved the unveiling and trial operation of diagnosis. The project department strictly controls the quality and safety of the project, and is committed to creating high-quality projects, which have received unanimous praise from the owner, supervisor, and superior departments. The project department won the honorary titles of "Youth Civilization" in Luoyang City from 2021-2022, "exemplary organization in the 100 day Labor Competition for Housing Construction Projects in Henan Province" and other honorary titles awarded by the Communist Youth League Luoyang Municipal Committee.
The project adheres to technical guidance and strengthens civilized construction. During the project construction, it won many awards and honors, such as "Henan Quality Standardization Demonstration Site", "Luoyang Safety Civilization Standardization Demonstration Site", "Henan Project Construction Quality Management Team Activity Achievement Award", etc.
The project department carries forward the spirit of striving for the best through labor. From 2021-2022, the project department has made many achievements in fighting against the COVID-19 and the extremely heavy rainstorm disaster, fully carried forward the selfless dedication spirit of the Group Company of "three stresses and three no stresses", and bravely assumed social responsibilities.

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