Successful ignition of the fourth line of Anhui Nanbo New Energy Hot End Project

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At 10:58 am on May 2, 2023, the fourth line of Anhui Nanbo New Energy Hot End Project was successfully ignited, marking the complete completion of all our construction work. Anhui Nanbo New Energy Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Fengning Modern Industrial Park, Fengyang County, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Nanbo Group Co., Ltd. This is the innovative practice of China Southern Glass Group, which has shifted its industrial focus to Fengyang Industrial Park with great effort and invested heavily in research and development to build a large-scale production and talent training base that integrates solar lightweight and high permeability panels, substrate manufacturing, research and development, and marketing. Our company has undertaken the heavy responsibility of construction and installation, and has undertaken four light and high permeability panel substrates and deep processing production lines for 1200 ton one kiln multi line solar equipment. The project lasted for 22 months.
With the arrival of the project at the Fengyang base of China Southern Glass Corporation, from scratch, from first line to second line, then to third and fourth line, from a small sampan to the perfect construction of an aircraft carrier, we overcame one difficulty after another, overcame obstacles, and finally saw the dawn of victory shining on the earth. In order to achieve a good ignition image requirement, within 10 days before and after the ignition, we worked overtime to ensure that the on-site closing work was not delayed. We organized and arranged on-site personnel to carry out the demolition of temporary buildings in the living area, the dismantling, sorting, and packaging of containers, materials, and machinery on site. Finally, the remaining 10 people withstood the pressure and even completed the demolition overnight before the ignition, ensuring the progress of the owner's ignition image. Our work has also received high praise and unanimous praise from the staff of Anhui Southern Glass.

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