The group company has won multiple awards again

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Recently, the fifth general meeting of the Luoyang Construction Industry Association was grandly held in the first conference room on the third floor of the Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau. Zhang Daokui, Assistant to the President of the company and General Manager of the Construction engineering division, attended the meeting as the Vice President of the Association. At the conference, the group company was awarded the title of "Outstanding Enterprise in the Construction Industry of Luoyang City in 2022", and Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and President of the company, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur in the Construction Industry of Luoyang City".
The recognition of various honors represents the achievements of the group company, which have been recognized by the construction department and the industry, further enhancing the company's brand influence and social reputation. The company will continue to focus on the development goal of building a "Luoyang business card, international brand, and well-known comprehensive service provider", adhere to cultural leadership, promote the "four major strategies" of talent, operation, cost, and technological innovation, drive business performance growth with customer service as the center, promote basic management improvement with service projects as the center, fully promote the development of the entire industry chain, and significantly improve the overall operational quality and scale efficiency, Continuously contributing greater efforts to the development of Luoyang's construction industry.

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