Concerted efforts to seek development and forge ahead with one heart -- The 2023 working conference of Glass Fiber Engineering Division was successfully held

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On February 18, 2023, the Glass Fiber Engineering Division held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of the annual meeting of the Group and the work of the glass fiber 2023. Yan Congyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of the Group Company, and Liao Hongying, Vice President and Secretary of the Party Branch of the Business Unit, were invited to attend the meeting and make an important speech. A total of 65 people attended the on-site meeting, including the team members of the Division, project managers, project team members, government officials and advanced representatives. Other project personnel attended the meeting online through live broadcast. The meeting was chaired by Li Nianbo, Deputy General Manager of the Business Department.


All participants carefully studied the summary speech of Chairman Huang Kezheng at the company's annual meeting. Subsequently, Fu Yongfeng, General Manager of the Division, presented the 2023 Annual Work Report of the Division to the General Assembly.

The annual work report pointed out that the year 2022 is a year for the Glass Fiber Engineering Division to achieve success in the adverse situation. Under the influence of the epidemic situation and the continuous downward trend of the economy, all members of the business unit have courageously moved forward and continued to maintain the good performance of "double billion", while also pointing out the shortcomings of the business unit in business development, quality and safety management, cost control, talent training and other aspects. The report defines the overall idea, details the work content, compacts the responsibilities and points out the direction for the work in 2023.
Liao Hongying, Vice President of the Group and Secretary of the Business Division, combed the core of General Manager Huang's annual work report, emphasized the importance of reasonable allocation, saving management resources and strengthening basic management, explained the basis for the issuance of various indicators of the Business Division, and put forward expectations and requirements for the Business Division in the new year.
Finally, Comrade Yan Congyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice President of the Group Company, made a concluding speech at the conference. President Yan introduced the development of the subordinate units of the group company, and made a profound exposition on the business development, industrial construction, ship lending, scientific and technological innovation, assessment and implementation mentioned in the important speech of Huang Kezheng, secretary of the party committee, chairman and president of the group company. Finally, President Yan said that we should improve our understanding of the spirit and establish a sense of social responsibility. We all work together, the more prosperous the company is, and the more personal self-worth can be realized. At the same time, it will bring greater social benefits.
In the afternoon, Li Nianbao, the deputy general manager of the Business Unit, read out the "Advanced Commendation of the Business Unit in 2022". The conference commended 9 advanced collectives, 6 safety demonstration teams, 3 excellent project management departments, 11 exemplary individual, 13 young pacesetters, 5 outstanding party members, and individuals who had outstanding performance in the staff skills contest. After that, the Measures for Decomposition and Fulfillment of Various Indicators of the Business Unit in 2023 was read out, and the signing ceremony of the annual responsibility letter was held. The general manager of the business unit and the three departments, the general managers of the three departments and the 16 project managers respectively signed the responsibility contract.

Finally, we launched a heated discussion on the issues of base construction, industrial construction and EPC contracting, project management cost control, how to do a good job of "calculating before doing", the change of contracting mode, the simplification of material and machinery cost input, the three changes of talent training, the decentralization of labor contract, and the reform of salary system. The heads of Human Resources Department, Market Development Department, Engineering Management Department and Asset Management Department of the company participated in the seminar. The leaders at the meeting made concluding remarks and shared their experiences. The atmosphere of the meeting was harmonious and effective. The leaders of the business unit, all project departments and departments have stated that they will carry out various work according to the requirements under the guidance of the annual report of the group company and the business unit, and ensure the smooth completion of the three economic indicators by comparing the indicators and fine process management.

There is no waiting for success, only the wonderful work. In 2023, what awaits us is a broader water area and a more magnificent voyage! With the strong support of the company and under the correct leadership of the leaders of the business unit, all employees of the business unit will work hard, step by step, and contribute more to the perfect ending of the company's three-year plan with the ambition of fooling the public and removing mountains, and the perseverance of dropping water through stones!

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