Tribute to all employees of the E305 project department of the Henan Installation Kazakhstan branch

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2021 is an unforgettable year for employees who are sticking to the front line of the E305 project of the Kazakhstan branch. Under the severe situation of the epidemic in Kazakhstan, the staff of the project department overcame numerous difficulties to ensure the smooth progress of the project. A year ago, the covid-19 pandemic swept across the world that increased the participating employees’ difficulties of work. Faced with many pressures and difficulties, the participating employees worked together to tackle tough problems.

In June 2020, Kazakhstan adopted measures such as closing the country and closing customs due to the epidemic, and the corresponding economic recession followed, and the employees participating in the construction were under tremendous psychological pressure. The E305 project is located in Nur-Sultan, which is the capital of Kazakhstan. The epidemic has rebounded many times and the city has been closed several times, almost out of control. The impact on the construction market has been severe, with general rise in building material prices, labor shortages, and currency devaluation, which have caused many difficulties in the implementation of construction contracts.

What is gratifying is that the Kazakhstan branch has implemented a two-pronged approach to prevent epidemics and ensure production. After careful research and judgment, response measures have been taken to maximize the implementation of the contract as agreed. At present, the project has reached the final stage of completion and acceptance. This is inseparable from the joint efforts of all the employees of the Kazakhstan project. They worked hard to finish their jobs without hesitation and are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control and construction and production to ensure the smooth progress of the construction of the E305 project.

Expanding the market, especially investing in projects in foreign countries, involves huge risks, difficulties, and still has a long way to go. Faced with the problem, all the staff in the Kazakhstan branch silently provoke a heavy burden. This is a team that can win the battle, and it is also a team that is going forward!


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