Henan Province Installation Group successfully held the 2021 annual work conference.

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On January 30, 2021, the annual work meeting of the group company was held in the multifunctional conference hall on the 20th floor of the installation building. Huang Kezheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of the Group Company, delivered the "2021 Work Report" to the meeting on behalf of the Party and leadership of the Group Company. Yu Jianqun, Vice Chairman and Vice President, made the "Opinions on Production Work Arrangements for 2021". Vice President Yan Congyun made the "2020 Work Summary of Marketing Operation System and 2021 Work Arrangement Opinions", and Guo Changqi, Chairman of the Labor Union and Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, announced the "Decision on Recognizing Advanced Collectives, Gold Medal Employees and Advanced Individuals in 2020" and "Decisions about Recognition the 2020 "Five Good Party Organizations" and "Outstanding Communist Party Members". At the meeting, Huang Kezheng, Party Secretary, Chairman and President, signed the annual contract with the principals of each department and engineering (subsidiary) companies, and signed the "Collective Wage Negotiation Contract" with Guo Changqi, the chairman of the labor union and the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. Vice President Wang Zhixiang presided over the meeting.

This meeting comprehensively summarized the achievements of the group company in 2020, pointed out the main problems, and made a comprehensive plan for the work in 2021. The meeting achieved the purpose of recognizing the situation, clarifying tasks, inspiring spirits, and cohesiveness.Huang Kezheng made a concluding speech and further elaborated on the company's cost control, business development, promotion of professional development, lengthening of the entire industry chain, refined management, talent strategy, strengthening of assessment and execution.

In the afternoon, the participants combined with the spirit of the annual meeting, focused on "how to do it", gathered intelligence and suggestions and suggestions, and conducted in-depth and extensive discussions on how to unswervingly implement the company's requirements and what measures to take.

2021 is the first year for the company to fully implement the "2021-2023 Three-Year Plan". It is a key year to promote the company's rapid and high-quality development. The tasks are significant and glorious. Let us continue to adhere to cultural guidance, work in the same direction, and resonate at the same frequency. According to the development ideas, layout and goals determined in the three-year plan, we will pay close attention to various specific measures to strive to become a Luoyang business card, international brand and comprehensive service provider!


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