The group company's industrial equipment intelligent manufacturing R&D innovation base project was officially signed.

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On the morning of January 22, the signing ceremony of Yichuan County's investment promotion projects in the first quarter of 2021 was held at Lido International Hotel. Yichuan County Party Secretary Li Xinhong, the Head of Yichuan County Yuan Jian, County Party Committee Deputy Secretary Guan Yufei, Deputy Head of Yichuan County Han Haiyang and other county leaders attended the ceremony. Huang Kezheng, Party Secretary, Chairman and President of Henan Province Installation Group, attended and delivered a speech. Vice President Wang Zhixiang signed the contract on behalf of the Group Company. The county party committee office and government office of Yichuan County, the heads of related towns and towns, the heads of related units directly under the county, and representatives of contracted projects participated in the ceremony.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Guan Yufei, Deputy Secretary of Yichuan County Party Committee. The head of Yichuan County Yuan Jian delivered a welcome speech. Yuan Jian said that Yichuan County has a long cultural history, superior geographical location, rich natural resources, and strong economic development. It is a fertile ground for investment and business. In recent years, Yichuan County has vigorously promoted the construction of large projects such as investment promotion. The county party committee and county government will create the best environment with the utmost sincerity and efforts to serve for enterprises, so that every entrepreneur can operate and develop with confidence. Yuan also expressed his warmly welcome to more and more entrepreneurs and friends to Yichuan to inspect, invest, and negotiate business, and work together to create a new situation in the economic and social development of Yichuan County.

Chairman Huang Kezheng said in his speech that the signing of the industrial equipment intelligent manufacturing R&D innovation base project is not only a milestone for win-win cooperation, but also a pragmatic move for a good start. The successful signing of the project marks the opening of a new chapter in the cooperation between the group company and Yichuan County. As the project investor and construction party, the group company must attach great importance to scientific planning, careful organization, high-standard construction, and rapid progress to ensure the completion of the project , and put into production as soon as possible. At the same time, it is hoped that the two parties will further expand the scope and depth of cooperation, benefit people and society, and inject new impetus into the high-quality economic and social development of Yichuan County and make new contributions.

The industrial equipment intelligent manufacturing R&D innovation base project is located in the industrial park of Ludian Town, Yichuan County. It plans to cover an area of 300 acres with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. This innovation base will integrate design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of industrial equipment, high-end pressure vessels and other equipment, and aim at cutting-edge development technologies. It will play an important role in enhancing the development layout of the group company's green building industry and promoting the transformation and development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

After the speech, under the witness of the leaders of the county party committee and all the guests, the vice president Wang Zhixiang formally signed the project cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Yichuan County on behalf of the group company.

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