The new campus of the Party School of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee held a flag-raising ceremony.

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On December 15, according to the arrangement and deployment of the leaders of the Luoyang Municipal Party School, the flag-raising ceremony of the new campus was held in front of the project auditorium. Relevant leaders of the Municipal Party School, Chairman Huang Kezheng, Vice Chairman Yu Jianqun, and Assistant President Huang Xiao attended the ceremony. All faculty and staff of the Municipal Party School and some representatives participated in the flag-raising ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice Principal Hai Tao and the Secretary Zhao Feilong made an important speech.


With the sound of the national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly, which officially announcing the opening of the new campus of the Party School of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee. All the faculty and staff of Luoyang Municipal Party School and all parties involved in the construction of the new campus project witnessed this solemn moment. After the ceremony, the Municipal Party school leaders and faculty members visited the construction overview of the new campus. The person in charge of this project introduced the layout ideas and design concepts of the entire campus in detail. The visitors looked forward to entering the new campus soon!

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